About Me

Based in Prague, I am an English singer, song-writer, writer, researcher, theologian and teacher with a particular passion for acoustic/jazz music. I work as a soloist as well as partnering with local musicians in various projects. One such partnership was with composer Daniel Kyzlink (as lyricist) for a work called The Rock Mass which was recently performed at the Mēstké divadlo Brno (Brno City Theatre) and previously by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
I love songs which have poetic and evocative lyrics, but for me, music has to groove as well - it has to move you in some way.
There are links here to some of the other projects I'm involved with, but the main purpose of this site is to encourage you to contact me and book me (or me + band) for a gig or workshop/seminar. Hope to hear from you, and thanks so much for visiting.


How much does a gig cost?

It depends very much on the circumstances. (You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?) Working with a band is obviously more expensive than if it is just me. Best thing is to email me - the cost depends on
  • how many musicians are involved
  • how big the venue is
  • how much sound equipment in needed and whether we need an engineer
  • how far we have to travel
  • whether it's just a one-off concert or whether it includes workshops etc.

What sort of music do you really play?

Well, I guess it depends on the context. I write a lot of my own songs, and if you've listened to the music on Bandcamp, you'll know that I write from a Christian perspective, but I am not 'preachy' when I do gigs: my goal is to give people a good night out - to play some great music!
Some say I sound a bit like Sting (flattering) or James Taylor (quite flattering), or once: 'awesome - you play the guitar just like George Formby' (insulting). Apart from my own songs, I love playing some of the old jazz or acoustic standards that I grew up with. On the whole I would say concerts are relaxed and fun!

What kind of events do you do?

I work mostly alone these days, but occasionally with other musicians such as Ondrej Malina (guitar) or Roman Patočka (violin). I am also using more visuals these days—using art and music together to explore different ideas and themes. Over the years I've worked in all sorts of different venues, from huge auditoriums to people's dining rooms, but right now I really enjoy doing small, intimate events focusing on acoustic guitar-based songs.

Do you work with churches?

Yes. Over the years I have done a lot of worship-related training, and was for some years the Director of the Creative Worship Centre in Manchester, England - a project of the Manchester Vineyard. Until recently I also worked with AMM - a Czech-based organisation specialising in worship, spiritual formation, music and the arts. I can offer concerts and worship events. Also check out the various worskshops and seminars on offer.