About Me

Based in Prague, I am an English singer, song-writer, writer, researcher, theologian and teacher with a particular passion for acoustic/jazz music. I work as a soloist as well as partnering with local musicians in various projects. One such partnership was with composer Daniel Kyzlink (as lyricist) for a work called The Rock Mass which was recently performed at the Mēstké divadlo Brno (Brno City Theatre) and previously by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
I love songs which have poetic and evocative lyrics, but for me, music has to groove as well - it has to move you in some way.
There are links here to some of the other projects I'm involved with, but the main purpose of this site is to encourage you to contact me and book me (or me + band) for a gig or workshop/seminar. Hope to hear from you, and thanks so much for visiting.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Advent news

Haven't posted for while - just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! Having been in the UK for almost the whole of November, it's been a while since I/we have done a gig - but plans are brewing for concerts + a recording in the new year. Watch this space. Also, Daniel Kyzlink and I have been working hard on The Rock Mass project - our new international shop should be online in a week or so, so you know where to buy all your Christmas presents! (If you live in the Czech Republic you can buy already by bank transfer or dobirka). The new international version of the CD is awesome!
You may have also read that I have left AMM. Having been involved in the work for many years it was quite sad to leave, but I was not happy with the way things were developing, so I actually feel quite relieved to have left, and am looking forward to new things - not least doing more gigs and catching up on my studies. If you are one of my AMM friends, I hope we will meet up again before too long.
I wish you a very peaceful advent season. Hope you don't get too seduced by all the matierialism - but don't forget to relax a bit. Still time to book an advent concert if you are interested.
May 2015 be a great year for you.