About Me

Based in Prague, I am an English singer, song-writer, writer, researcher, theologian and teacher with a particular passion for acoustic/jazz music. I work as a soloist as well as partnering with local musicians in various projects. One such partnership was with composer Daniel Kyzlink (as lyricist) for a work called The Rock Mass which was recently performed at the Mēstké divadlo Brno (Brno City Theatre) and previously by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
I love songs which have poetic and evocative lyrics, but for me, music has to groove as well - it has to move you in some way.
There are links here to some of the other projects I'm involved with, but the main purpose of this site is to encourage you to contact me and book me (or me + band) for a gig or workshop/seminar. Hope to hear from you, and thanks so much for visiting.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gig in Prague yesterday (15 April)

Well, thanks to all of you who came to the first ever gig of Reverend John and the Groove Doctors! (any ideas for a real name??) We really enjoyed it, and from the feedback it seems you did too. It was pretty relaxed (bit like a rehearsal with an audience), but that's the way we like it. As you may have noticed there was some video and audio recording going on, so watch out for some embarrassing videos on youtube before too long. I also used my new amp for the first time! What fun.
It is great to work with musicians who make me sound better than I am. I especially enjoyed the song Good with its interesting harmonic progressions and gentle jazz groove - brought to life by Jakub's amazing double bass playing. Another highlight for me was Clean Heart, a song I have not performed for years (recorded badly ages ago) but which sounded so nice with this line up. Ondrej H's drumming was sensitive yet dynamic, and Ondrej M's guitar solos always seem too short! I don't know how he does it. In all, a great first gig - thanks guys.
If you have any ideas for any more gigs, please do email me at john@johndejong.info.
Before too long we hope to record some stuff properly, so watch this space.
Thanks again to those of you who came, and for nice encouraging words afterwards (and for the Korun dropped into the guitar case).

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Velehrad + gig in Prague Tuesday 15 April

First of all a big THANK YOU to all my Catholic friends for the great time at the Velehrad worship event this weekend. Such a good time. Thanks to the organisational team for such a good job - especially to Mirek Přikryl for the invitation. It was good to meet so many new friends - I hope we meet again soon.

Also, if any of you Prague people are interested the John de Jong quartet is doing a concert on Tuesday 15 April. There's more info on my Facebook page. Entry is free (but you have to pay to get out). No - just kidding. It is free, but if you want to you can leave us some cash (wife and 3 children to feed, musicians to pay etc.)  Look forward to seeing you. By the way - the venue is quite small, so it might be good just to let us know via FB that you are coming so we have some idea of numbers.