About Me

Based in Prague, I am an English singer, song-writer, writer, researcher, theologian and teacher with a particular passion for acoustic/jazz music. I work as a soloist as well as partnering with local musicians in various projects. One such partnership was with composer Daniel Kyzlink (as lyricist) for a work called The Rock Mass which was recently performed at the Mēstké divadlo Brno (Brno City Theatre) and previously by the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra.
I love songs which have poetic and evocative lyrics, but for me, music has to groove as well - it has to move you in some way.
There are links here to some of the other projects I'm involved with, but the main purpose of this site is to encourage you to contact me and book me (or me + band) for a gig or workshop/seminar. Hope to hear from you, and thanks so much for visiting.

Workshops and Seminars

I offer workshops and seminars in a number of areas, but first, perhaps a brief biography would be useful:

I have had a varied career in the music/audio industry, while at the same time working as a musician and worship leader. My first degree was in Physics and Acoustics, and for some 12 years or so I worked in various roles in the professional audio industry, first as a production engineer (for Neve Electronic Laboratories) then later as Service Manager for AMS Neve working with both analogue and digital systems for broadcast and recording applications. I also ran technical training courses for broadcast engineers. For a while I worked with Rupert Neve in his sound reinforcement consultancy business.

My interest in creativity and the arts led to a further degree in humanities with the Open University where I majored in philosophy of the arts (aesthetics), human philosophy and religious studies - the latter focused on religion in Victorian Britain. I then gained a doctorate in theology and literature from King's College London (proud to be one of the top 20 universities in the world!) working under Prof. Ben Quash exploring the theology of imagination, looking specifically at the life and work of George MacDonald. I enjoy exploring theology and creativity!

In parallel to all this, I have always been a gigging musician and writer and have also been involved in various churches in musical roles. Until 2004 I was on the staff of the Manchester Vineyard Church for nine years where I was the director of the Creative Worship Centre. Right now I also work as an editor, mostly editing educational research papers prior to publication.

This broad experience enables me to teach in a number of areas which include:
  • Songwriting and creative writing (exploring the creative process from conception through to finished work)
  • Design and use of audio systems (this workshop is aimed at users of audio systems who are not particularly technical: we explore basic electronics and acoustics to help you not only invest in the right equipment, but get the best out of it)
  • Acoustic guitar workshop (beginners/intermediate)
  • Vocal workshop and vocal coaching
  • Leading contemporary worship
  • Creativity from a biblical perspective
  • How to become more creative.
If any of this is of interest, please do contact me. I'd love to be of service to you.